They call it the land of strange and mysterious waters. It's the true definition of Wakulla, and the true description of this vast watershed.

It's where wildlife thrives, where tourists flock, and where laughter and amazement go hand-in-hand.

"It’s great to know there's some pure water left on earth."

For this Montana man, Wakulla Springs is a cherished gem, one he just stumbled upon.

"Too many places are kept hidden and the public has a hard time finding these places."

Not for long. Thanks to the department of environmental protection, this gem can be found online.

"It has great visuals, links, it covers every topic you can think of here at Wakulla Springs."

"But seeing is truly believing. With the help of the interactive Web site, park rangers are hoping for an increase in visitor numbers."

"We worked with photographers, so what you'll see on the Web is what you'll see when you come and visit our park.

You'll also learn about the importance of preserving this watershed, a valuable resource for Florida residents and wildlife.