Male Teacher Drought in Jefferson County

Alix Cave is one of two male teachers at Jefferson County Elementary School. Cave is a former corrections officer who decided to switch careers in 2000 to help shape the minds of these young children.

"The bottom line for me is the people that taught me made a difference in my life, those people made me believe I could be something other than I was supposed to be were teachers."

But male teachers are particularly scarce in elementary schools. Educators are now hoping to change that.

"On Wednesday, they're having the fall recruit at Florida A&M, and I’ll be looking for male teachers. With everything being equal, we need some male teachers at the elementary school due to low number we have there," a low number that has stayed in the profession to make a difference in the lives of these young children.

"To be a teacher, you have the love for the children; it's not about pay, but that's one of the reasons we don't have male teachers in teaching because of the salary."

Salary, they say, should be increased to attract and retain more males in the profession.