Human Remains Found on South Georgia Hunting Preserve

Monday, investigators were back on scene looking for clues but still they don't know who the person is or what may have happened.

Grady County investigators don't have much to work with right now in the case. But the discovery of the unidentified remains has a left a small community in shock.

Sunday, a group of hunters stumbled upon a decomposed body on the Quail Haven hunting preserve, three miles north of the Florida line in Beachton, Georgia.

"Just skeletal remains. It was pretty badly decomposed."

"It was astonishing and scary because those of us who live here are accustomed to having a sense of serenity and peacefulness."

Investigators combed the wooded area Monday for any evidence they may have missed the night before. It's too early to tell how long the body has been out here but Investigators estimate about two months.

"It's pretty difficult. We don't have anything to go on. We don't know if it is a white or black male or female."

An autopsy will answer those questions. Meanwhile, residents have drawn their own conclusions about what happened.

"Knowing a lot of people hunt in the area, we thought maybe someone was accidentally shot, and then we thought, well, maybe someone dumped a body over there.'"

Investigators are treating this as a homicide and they hope examinations of the bones and tissue fragments left behind will unravel this gruesome mystery.

"So that we can return to some sense of normalcy here because it will certainly keep us wondering."

Investigators say there are no missing person cases in Grady County, but because the scene is so close to Florida, they are contacting authorities in surrounding counties.

Investigators say it could be several weeks before crime lab results come back with anything conclusive. They are hoping the autopsy results will show if there was foul play, but they say it's still going to be tough considering they only have skeletal remains.