Authorities on Alert After Wakulla Jailbreak

Barbed wire entangles all fences surrounding the Wakulla County Jail, a stark contrast to the atmosphere just days ago when 38-year-old William Glover made a mad dash to freedom.

"Under normal circumstances this area would be a secure area."

But that wasn't the case Saturday morning when Glover scaled a 12-foot chain-link fence that because of construction had no razor wire top.

MAJ Jared Miller of the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office says, "It was obviously planned by the inmate. He made a dash for it and got over the fence."

But he didn't get far. Leon County deputies arrested him less than 24 hours later at a Woodville home.

SGT Kenneth Janey of the Leon County Sheriff's Office says, “He basically said 'I was looking at 30 years in prison. I had an opportunity to escape and did.'”

That opportunity is what draws concern. MAJ Miller says the fence at the jail was without barbed wire for only a day while crews worked on the new annex, a problem that he says won't happen again.

"We actually put two fences up. It will make it more secure."

This time he's not allowed in the minimum security courtyard. Glover is locked up tight in maximum security, ensuring he won't escape again.