Ease the Sneeze

Meet Bertha and Lillian; both are high-risk adults and both were afraid of going through the winter season without a flu shot.

Lillian says, "If I had not got the shot and had got the flu I would have been upset. I really, really, really was afraid I'd get the flu and not have the flu shot."

News of the Health Department's flu shot clinic meant braving the thick fog and getting in line early.

Bertha says, "We got here at 8 o'clock and we were 200 and something in line."

That's because the first person started lining up at 4:30 in the morning.

Steedly says, "The fog was really, really heavy this morning so when I came in I couldn't see how long the line really was. When the fog started to lift and I saw we were wrapped around the corner I was shocked!"

Folks in that line quickly depleted the small flu shot supply. After only two and a half hours, 800 flu shots were administered, but all is not lost for those folks who missed the cut.

Jennifer Steedly, the health district spokesperson, says, “The people at the end of the line that don't get in will be given the criteria and information on how to avoid getting the flu. Their names will then be placed on a waiting list and we'll go through the waiting list just like we did here today."

Health officials say they are optimistic more flu vaccines will make their way to Lowndes County sometime before January.