Middle School Student Under Arrest

It happened Saturday morning at Raa Middle School in Tallahassee, but students were in class Monday morning. Despite the damage, classes went on as they were supposed to. The only clues that a fire ripped through Raa Middle School on Saturday morning would be the boards and the slight smell of smoke in the air.

Donna Callaway, principal at Raa Middle School, says, "We've been working all weekend long to get ready for this morning. The kids are in classes. It’s kind of business as usual. Kids are very resilient."

Sandra Roush, a parent of a Raa student, says, "Mrs. Callaway is pretty much business as usual every day."

The fire damaged two classrooms and the gym, forcing three teachers to move their classes to temporary spots.

Donna Callaway adds, "We think to be back in business completely, it should take about a month. They will release it back to us as it’s ready."

Administrators won't talk about the student accused of setting the blaze. Investigators were able to find 15-year-old Jimmy Lee Gray within hours of the fire using evidence found at the scene.

Administrators say the important thing is that students have been just fine despite the interruption.

Callaway adds, "They're fantastic. You know, you fuss about them, but when you really need them they pull through, we'll make it, we're in good shape."

Tallahassee fire investigators say that 15-year-old Raa Middle School student Jimmy Lee Gray was taken to the Juvenile Assessment Center after being caught. They have not said if Gray has answered if he did it or not, and if so, why.

The principal says that reports are still coming in of what's been damaged and what's missing, but she estimates somewhere around $200,000 to $300,000.