Voter Turnout Records Getting Broken

It's been a common sight for the last week; long lines winding around the Leon County Courthouse, but these voters say it hasn't been that bad.

Curt Yarborough, a Leon County early voter, said, "I've only been waiting about 15 minutes."

Keep in mind this was early Monday evening well before rush hour.

Carol Beck, also a Leon County early voter, said, "I think it's going to be a lot shorter than it will on Tuesday."

Leon County's Supervisor of Elections, Ion Sancho, says early voting records have been shattered in Leon County, far exceeding initial expectations.

For Election Day, Sancho is telling voters to reconsider their traditional voting behavior.

"It's not going to be possible to vote at your precinct and vote before work and drive early on."

Patience and tolerance are asked of voters, especially on Election Day, November 2.

Sancho said, "We are valuing elections, this election will be the election of the century in terms of turnout. I may not ever live to administer another election like this, but it's a great problem.”

Sancho says he expects that more than 140,000 voters in Leon County will have cast their ballot, adding he ensures each vote will be counted.

Sancho is encouraging Leon County citizens to vote by mail. The deadline to do that is this Friday. To get your ballot, call Leon County's Supervisor of Elections Office at 850-488-1350.