FAMU's Interim President

At Florida A&M University the Rattlers are one step closer to having an interim president.

One by one, members of FAMU's interim selection process committee took turns asking Dr. Castell Bryant questions from finances to athletics.

Castell Bryant says, “If the coaches knew they were going to receive the support they needed then they could spend all of their time winning.”

Bryant, a proud FAMU graduate and member of the Florida Board of Governors, is the committee’s one and only choice to send before the full Board of Trustees.

“I've always felt I want to give back, so this is the time to repay for all of the wonderful things I gained as a result for being here.”

A repeated concern for members involved the candidate's views on making changes at the university, but Bryant impressed trustees saying most changes would be driven by faculty, staff and students.

Challis Lowe, a FAMU trustee, says, “I think it's important for an interim after she goes, whoever comes next, they'll find a foundation to build on.”

After the extensive interview the committee agreed to send Bryant's name before the full board. The FAMU Board of Trustees will meet December 14 with the interim president issue first on the agenda.