Putting a Cork in It?

If your favorite type is from a small winery on the west coast, you may be out of luck because your nearby retailer doesn't carry the bottle.

Robyn Asbury, a Tallahassee resident, says, "When you find a good bottle of wine in the valley or where ever you are, you should be able to get more than your quota of one or two bottles to come back to your state."

You could buy the bottle direct from the winery, that is, unless you live in one of 24 states, Florida included, that prohibits interstate wine shipping.

Doyle Smith, a Chez Pierre bartender, says, "I think it would be nice for the consumer to be able to buy straight from the vineyards because you know it may drop the price of the wine, but really it's going to take away from the profits of the middleman."

Cost aside, wine drinkers say they want the freedom to get their favorite bottle, even if it is from another state.

Jerry Miller, a wine connoisseur, says, "I think that's all we're really looking for here from a consumer standpoint is just the opportunity to get wines that aren't available and to have the same access as folks that, say, live in California."

The United States Supreme Court does have the power to change the laws, but we'll have to wait and see.