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It's the story that won't go away; rising gas prices. In Florida, records were broken once again this year for high prices.

The highest recorded gas prices in Florida hit on Tuesday with an average cost of $2.04 for a gallon of regular unleaded gas. Prices like that are making many drivers cringe when they pull up to the pump.

James Brown says, "Too high, way too high; $2.14 for a gallon of gas, that's what, almost $30 to fill your car up?"

Car pooling is an option Brown says he tries to take, but when you have to get somewhere, you've got to go.

Hank Jensen from Collier County, FL says, "If you want to go somewhere, you're going to have to pay it and they've got you over a barrel so to speak."

Some drivers say the prices have gotten so high they're starting to rethink the kind of vehicles they drive, trading out the gas guzzlers for the more economical hybrids.

Lionel Petite from Baton Rouge, LA says, "You can't do it. Military pay, you can't drive big SUVs, so that's what we're looking at, like I said, is the hybrids, we've got to."

There's no way out of paying the prices, but there is a way you can pay less. We found a website tracking the cheapest and most expensive gas prices in the area, courtesy of your fellow drivers.

"The prices are high but it's not as bad as in Oregon. Where I'm from it's about $2.45 a gallon."

As high as gas prices may be, some drivers shrug and say it could be worse. The record high prices were set in Georgia this past May. The statewide average is about $1.92 a gallon.