Women's Pavilion Opens

"It's been a real team effort and we're really glad today's here."

It's moving day for new moms and moms to be. They've made their way from overcrowded hallways to a spacious new addition of Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.

Robin Schroeder of Women & Children Services says, "This move has been planned for over five years. It's going very smoothly. We've moved over 70 mothers and babies, laboring and NIC-U patients today."

The Women's Pavilion has 50 private mother-baby rooms, 19 private labor, delivery, recovery rooms and two nurseries, and that's just the tip of the iceberg for this state of the art facility.

Kathy Brooks, the nursing director, says, "We're just all so excited to be a part of the new Women's Pavilion and all of the services that we provide here from the spa services to the Chez Pierre dinners and everything."

But it's not just the patients who are benefiting; the Women's Pavilion staff gets a new communication system, which makes the long hours they put in a whole lot easier.

Kathy adds, "One of the hugest advantages as a nurse here is our new communication system. We have a locator badge that allows us to locate each other all over this entire unit without having to interrupt patients and overhead page them."

Robin says, "They've been working very long hours getting ready for this. Many of them were here at five this morning; many of them were here last night to very late and through the night getting ready for the patients this morning."

Of course, it makes the job easier knowing mother and daughter are enjoying their new room.