Suwannee County Captures Reading Education Grant

A comprehensive school reform grant has been awarded in Live Oak, helping teachers to help their students.

In June 2005, Suwannee High School teachers and administrators plan to participate in the Florida Reading Initiative training program, a program where teachers learn how to enhance the reading skills of students.

As with most things, money is required.

Terri Garret, Director of Title One and Grants Management, says, "When the comprehensive school reform grant came out this year and they targeted schools such as SHS, we knew that we would go after this grant and would hopefully be successful in getting these funds."

Successful they were. The Florida Department of Education awarded a comprehensive school reform grant for $145,000, money that will be well spent.

Dawn Lamb, Suwannee High School Principal, says, "Well, certainly I'm very excited about the prospects of the training that our staff will receive. We've been accepted as a Florida Reading Initiative school, so we hope that we will get that training."

During the training session, the entire staff at Suwannee High School will meet for two weeks to receive intense reading instruction to benefit students. It sounds like hard work, but teachers are excited.

Julie Hocutt, an English teacher at Suwannee High, says, "Very excited, very enthusiastic. Look forward to really helping colleagues and working together to help students improve their reading abilities and their FCAT scores."

Walter Boatright, Jr., Superintendent of Schools, adds, "It's a good feeling to know the amount of enthusiasm and the support that is going into this project, our faculty and administrators. It certainly is the result of the commitment our district has made."