Holiday Mail Deadlines

We're only weeks away from the holiday season and already the postal service is feeling the punch.

Marlena Hopkins, the customer relation coordinator for the Tallahassee Postal Service, says, "Here in Tallahassee we've already seen an increase in parcels to approximately four percent over last year's figures."

The busiest mailing day isn't until Monday, December 20, but with the expected billions of pieces of mail to be processed this holiday season, some are getting a head start.

Cheryl Farner says, "I'm sending out Christmas packages to my daughter, her family, but mostly my grandchild."

If you are mailing cards and packages to domestic addresses, it's recommended you switch to Priority Mail by Tuesday December 14. After that, Express Mail should be used by Thursday, December 23.

As far as overseas military mail, one deadline has passed for APOs with zip codes beginning with 093. For all other zip codes, the deadline is this Saturday, December 11.

Extra staff will be on duty to handle the influx of mail, which if you line it up side by side would circle the earth four times! Still, rain, wind or snow, if you make the deadline, the postal service says it'll have your mail delivered in time for the holidays.