Important Local Races Drawing Wakulla County Early Voters to the Polls

The Courthouse has been filled to the brim with early voters, but the reason isn't just because of Bush versus Kerry. You won't find many vacancies in the booths, at least not until each and every person in line makes their vote count.

The early birds are out in full force breaking records by tripling turnout since the primaries. Two races for county commission seats are drawing a lot of interest because those lawmakers hold the key to one very controversial issue: growth.

Ronald Kilgore, a property appraiser, says, “We went from 125 million to over 800 million in taxable value.”

That's since 1984 when Ronald Kilgore first became property appraiser.

“There's a lot of concern that growth is not being planned out well enough,” he adds.

That responsibility lies on the commissioning board.

Mr. Davis, an early voter, says, “I think growth, they've learned to take it slow, they've been doing a pretty good job so far.”

But their opponents beg to differ, so the incumbents Mike Stewart and Maxie Lawhon have a battle ahead that pins them against Ed Brimner and Reginald Coles. Both are deemed the hottest races in Wakulla County.

Early voting continues in Wakulla County all the way up until the General Election on November 2.