Toxic Holiday Plants

It's a busy time of year for many local florists as folks are decorating their homes with their favorite holiday plants. But some of those popular plants can be very harmful to your pets.

Shannon Meadows loves her pets. But when she found out her cat was having kidney problems because of a plant, she was shocked.

"I had a peace lily in my kitchen, and he loved to play with the peace lily. So he said to move the peace lily out and come back in a week, and we'll see what happens."

Thanks to the vet's advice, beauty is back to her playful old self. But it's not just peace lilies that can make your four-legged companion sick.

"Some of the most popular toxic holiday plants this season include things like the poinsettia here and this holly. Now if you're worried that you might not be able to tell if your pet is eating you favorite plant decorations, vets say there are a few key symptoms you can look for."

"Vomiting and diarrhea are by far the two most common symptoms. We will see lethargy and some toxins like mistletoe will cause hypertension."

But this Christmas, Shannon’s decorating compromise is keeping all three of her pets happy and healthy.

"I don't have any live holly or any poinsettias near my home or anywhere near it because I know that will hurt them. I use all artificial."

If that's not a compromise you're willing to make, vets say just be sure to keep those live holiday plants out of your pet's reach, good advice for responsible pet owners everywhere this holiday season.

Vets say mistletoe is the most dangerous holiday plant for your pet this time of year.