Women's Sterilization Options

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Martie Buckhaulter experienced the joy of motherhood at the age of 21 and knew that child would be her only one.

Martie says, "She's everything in one, I just didn't want anymore children."

She asked her doctor about getting her tubes tied. He told her no.

Martie says, "He said he wouldn't feel comfortable doing it due to the fact she was the only child and I was so young. It led me to believe you had to be a magic age before you can get a tubal, so I waited on that magic age."

Years later, it was fate that led to Dr. John Taylor who introduced her to a safer way of sterilization called “essure.”

Dr. John Taylor, gynecologist, says, "It offers a way to provide permanent sterilization without incision, without general anesthesia and very short or essentially no recovery time."

A small tube is inserted in the uterus.

Dr. Taylor says, "We can insert the micro devices, which are essure devices, they are placed in the fallopian tube. Afterward, we wait about three months for tissue to go through the tube."

That blocks sperm from entering and fertilizing the egg.

Martie says, "I had it done and went to a Christmas party that Saturday night. I was fine."

It's been two years since the procedure, and like Dr. Taylor, Buckhaulter also strongly recommends it.