Improving Georgia's Economy

Jobs, jobs, jobs. The Peach State's got them. In fact, Georgia’s unemployment rate is regularly below the national average. But a new report out of Washington D.C. gives Georgia grades of Cs and Bs for its economic development.

"I think I’d give us a little higher marks. Of course, I think it's important that we not try and deny any of the shortcomings that we, as a state, do have. But I think it's important to point out there are some bright spots in Georgia and Valdosta. Lowndes County is one of those bright spots."

The report says Georgia’s colleges, universities, and tech schools are not producing enough highly trained students to meet future demand.

"We are attacking the problem very systematically and we are also asking for some federal money to support some new programs and we are in the process at VSU."

But Doctor Zaccari says higher education can't turn the peach state around on its own.

"We need new partnerships, and ways to work together. That's what I believe. That's what this report directs us to a new way of working," work that should translate into a better economic future for the entire state of Georgia.