First Annual College Early Vote Day

"We are going single file on the sidewalk, single file on the sidewalk."

With those words, Operation Wake Up Florida is in full swing as hundreds of local college students march out to let their voices be heard.

Brandon Mickens, a FAMU student, says, "I have views and issues I want dealt with, and if I don't march they won't get heard."

Side by side, politicians and pupils pound the pavement, headed for the Leon County Courthouse to cast an early ballot.

Senator Al Lawson says, "For so long, [people have] taken college students for granted; now they are getting involved and recognize this last election was decided by less than 600."

These college kids confess they aren't going to be taken for granted, so they're taking their concerns to the ballot box.

Brandon Johnson of Operation Wake Up Florida, says, "The economy and tuition. Many of us are about to graduate, and we want jobs after college."

Once at the county courthouse, political pitches and long lines greet the marching students.