Senate Ad Showdown

U.S. senate candidate Mel Martinez came to the state capitol for a news conference with Governor Jeb Bush. But instead of talking about schools, Martinez found himself barraged with questions about this exchange from his debate with opponent Betty Castor.

“I believe the fundamental difference between us is that the war on terror and the war in Iraq are one in the same."

Organizers fear the use of the debate footage will chill future participation from candidates. When asked if he would pull the ad for that reason, the candidate said no.

"You know if there is an agreement ahead of time not to use the debate form or the debate footage, we would’ve abided by that. They believe it’s been used out of context. I don’t believe it is."

The ad also claims Castor is against parental consent for a minor’s abortion. In fact, Castor has made no such statement. She has said she is opposed to Amendment One, which requires parental notification, not consent.