Painting the Town Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

For Vickie Jackson, breast cancer awareness month and the message of early detection affects her personally.

"One of my dearest friends was diagnosed with breast cancer back in June of this year. She's 50, and she was about seven months late in getting a mammogram. When they found the cancer, it had already metastasized."

In the past few years, the Archbold Women's Center noticed a six-percent decline in mammograms. So now they're painting the town pink, not with paint, but they're encouraging folks to wear pink wherever they go.

Judy Murphy, Supervisor of the Archbold Women's Center, says, "We just want women to be aware about early detection and not be afraid."

About 50 businesses in Thomasville, mostly those the downtown area are involved in paint the town pink, and offering some incentives for those who come into their stores wearing pink on Friday.

Vickie says, "We’re having a 20 percent off sale and so anything in the store is 20 percent off. I feel like it will bring extra people downtown and hopefully people will find some good bargains."

Hopefully it will inspire women to take responsibility for their health, to be a part of the 96 percent of survivors who fought breast cancer after detecting it early.