Retail Giant Says No to Kettle Collections

It's a sight and sound that reminds folks the holiday season is once again here.

"It is a tradition to be able to see them out there with their bell and their cheerfulness."

But new corporate rules will slightly change tradition this year.

Now you won't hear any bells ringing out in from the Target store in Valdosta this holiday season. That’s because the Target Corporation has decided not to let the Salvation Army collect donations here. They say if they let one organization do it, they have to let everyone do it and that could become a problem.

But the local Salvation Army says they understand and respect the decision. "Those organizations, those companies, well, we want to thank them for the stuff they've done in the past. No one is upset whatsoever."

Unfortunately, the retail giant was one of Valdosta’s top collection sites. "It just is going to put a little bit more of a pinch on us this season and I would like the people to know that and back the Salvation Army here in Valdosta."

Captain Farrell says the recent storms depleted local Salvation Army funds by more than $3,000. That's why Farrell says despite the recent ban, "The bells will be ringing, and you'll hear them."

He says the local kettle donations are especially crucial to the organization this year. Salvation Army managers say they will still ring bells throughout the community starting the day after Thanksgiving.