Valdosta Volunteers Working on Soldier's Holiday Care Packages

There's a huge need for local troops and time is running out to make the holiday deliveries.

Thousands of local troops will be spending the upcoming holiday season helping to build a democratic Iraq. And that's why some Valdosta volunteers are spending their time building several hundred care packages.

"If a few care packages sent from Valdosta can make a difference, then its something we can sacrifice to be a part of."

Organizers say you can contribute almost anything to these care packages, from items like CDs, to sun block, to bug spray. And you can even give baby wipes so the troops can clean themselves even when they're in the desert.

"Sheets, magazines, books, thank you cards, hand warmers they can keep in their pockets, not huge sacrifices."

And the troops could always use as many long distance calling cards as possible.

The care package program has become a Valdosta community effort, as the post office is donating boxes and local groups are raising money for the postage.

"I have faith in North Florida and South Georgia," faith to help provide local troops with a warm simile and a reminder of home.

Volunteers will continue to collect care package items until November 10; that way there is plenty of time for them to be shipped to Iraq in time for the holidays.

The Valdosta collection sites for the care packages are at West Side Baptist Church and Spanish Mission Apartments.