Phone Scam Pops Up in Taylor County

New reports of a phone scam have surfaced in Taylor County, prompting the Perry Police Department to issue a warning.

The scam is a caller who will say that a friend or family member has been hurt and needs to speak to you. The individual will then give a number to call which locks in your phone number and could allow scammers to charge long distance calls to your phone account.

OFC Lin Gray of the Perry Police Department explains the latest case and says, "Told the individual that a family member was involved in a traffic crash and basically got him to call the involved family member and ask them to contact them at the hospital. The individual then gives the phone number to the victim."

Police say the number used by the scam artists is *721, then 786-294-7988. OFC Gray says the call is usually from a Miami jail or correctional facility with a 305 area code.

OFC Gray adds, "If anyone calls with this kind of information, just politely tell them you don't have any family members and if so, the family members would contact them directly."

As soon as you hang up, call local law enforcement.

Perry police say they are working diligently in the investigation with Madison County where recent phone scams have also been reported.