Change on the Way for Tallahassee Transit System

The study should be complete sometime next year, but in the meantime changes are on the way for TalTran.

The interim TalTran director Marlon Brown is a busy man.

Marlon says, "We're in the middle of the TalTran renaissance. We're looking at what we do as an organization, redefining our mission. This study will hopefully be ending in May."

But the city isn't waiting for the results of the study to make some upgrades to the system now. Soon bus riders will have a little bit more protection around town in the way of new bus shelters.

Marlon adds, "We think these shelters are more aesthetic and add quality to the roads around town and they're much better for our clients."

The 37 ADA accessible shelters will be put in next year, and as soon as January new used buses will be seen all over the city.

Mark Samiatowski, a TalTran bus rider, says, "I'm very glad. Many times my bus 21 is crowded like a sardine can in the mornings. Even waiting outside in the rain is hard, so I'm very glad they're expanding, getting new buses and putting up shelters."

The director says the cost of the seven buses was an amazing bargain at $14,000 total. The cost of the 37 shelters will come from a federal grant.