Flu Shot Concerns at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital

The message that flu shots are available now at a local hospital apparently "flew" right past many people in the capital city.

Thursday, as nurses and doctors prepared for a rush of patients, only a handful showed up. So we asked physicians to take a "shot" at why this is happening.

Wednesday it was announced Tallahassee Memorial Hospital has a surplus of flu shots, and would provide the vaccine Thursday and Friday to high risk groups.

But the waiting rooms were bare. It was disturbing to doctors, yet a relief to patients who have dreaded the long lines seen on television as a result of the nationwide shortage.

Still, near closing time only a dozen people had showed up for their vaccine.

Doctors say one reason for the low turnout could be the few number of people actually coming down with the flu this year.

However, they warn all it takes is a few.

“Unfortunately it only takes two weeks for an epidemic to take over the community, and it also takes two weeks for the flu shot to kick in, so actually once the flu is in the community it's almost too late to think about getting your flu shot.”