Maclay Gardens Fire

Fire ripped through part of Maclay Gardens state park in Tallahassee last night, destroying three buildings in its path. Investigators are still trying to figure out how the fire started.

Park employees live only yards away from where this fire took place. The park manager says she heard strange noises, looked out her back door, and couldn't believe her eyes.

"A little after 11, I heard some strange sounds like limbs breaking. When I looked out my back door, I saw there were buildings on fire. I called 911."

Among the beautiful colors and flowers at Maclay Gardens are the black charred remains of three historic structures, built in 1906.

"I just couldn't believe. I had to look at two or three times before I believed this fire was happening."

Late Wednesday night, the Tallahassee Fire Department responded to the call from the state park. They say upon arrival, the first concern was trying to save what they could among the closely set buildings.

"We arrived on scene. We had two buildings fully involved and a third catching fire. We pulled lines and tried to save the third and fourth."

Fire fighters say when these old buildings catch fire, it's hard to stop the flames.

"Oh yeah, we had a lot of fire here. Once it gets this much of a head start it's hard to stop."

The park is still open to the public. And the main attraction of Maclay Gardens, the house, was never in danger.

The fire happened in an administrative area and some park employees live near by, which was another concern.