A Wrap up of the Victorian Christmas

There are many celebrations this time of year, but one is truly unique. Folks in Thomasville are walking along brick streets reliving Christmas past.

It's Victorian Christmas. Soon hundreds will be out getting a chance to travel back in time becoming apart of Christmas past.

Thursday morning, the day of Victorian Christmas there were mostly just hangers in the costume closet. And Joann Bell was still trying to get her look together.

"Just trying to find the right outfit. You always see people strolling the streets and I thought this year I'll dress up and join them."

Bell says Victorian Christmas rings in the holiday season for her. But it hasn't always been as elaborate as it is now. Eighteen years ago it began as a small event honoring Thomasville's Victorian history.

"They sort of had a downtown sale and put a few people in these costumes to walk up and down the street and it was just such a great thing. We just took it and embellished it."

Now thousands come out to stroll the brick roads and relive Christmas as it was in the 1890s.

"We have horse drawn carriage rides, wonderful saint nick on his sleigh and reindeer. We have choirs and church groups and bell ringers."

And how many chances do you get to find your Victorian side and bask in the sights and sounds of a Christmas that once was?

"Everyone loves it. Your constantly posing and getting you picture taken. People want to know about your costume."

Now if you didn't get a chance to rent an outfit, it's okay. Organizers say you just get creative with your own wardrobe. For women, grab a long skirt and long sleeve blouse. For men, wear a suit and top hat if you can.