Catching Up

This summer, nearly 300 Leon County third graders, who couldn't pass muster on the reading portion of the F-CAT, attended five weeks of intensive instruction , aimed at bringing the students up to par, and to the fourth grade. Now , there's another alternative; mid year promotions.

"Any retained third grader has the chance to be looked at for promotion."

Yet, not all kids will be eligible. Under a new state rule, the students must master third grade benchmarks and beginning fourth grade benchmarks.

"Looked at a lot of kids and only have two who met the criteria because hard."

The new policy on mid-year promotions is part of Leon County's Pupil Progression Plan to streamline student success. Educators say it not only boosts a student's academic achievement, but self esteem as well.

"Provides what kids need, can't base on one test. Helps to have options."

This is the first year the mid-year promotions are taking place. While just two students countywide were eligible this time around, officials expect that number to grow.