Unwavering Utility Rates in Thomasville

The 2005 budget says Rose City resident utility rates are going up. But people don't seem too concerned about it.

"I’m kind of sad about it but you have to have an increase to meet demands. You just gotta have an increase is all I can say."

The new budget raises electric rates 5.24 percent, water 3.48 percent, trash 7.23 percent and natural gas a big 21.20 percent, percentages that will affect some Rose City residents.

"They are the ones really that it's gonna do, like Social Security, disability, SSI, it would hurt them more than it would the working class because see the working class can work around their budget more than someone on a fixed income."

City officials say electric rates have not increased in five years. And the city's investment into new power generating equipment is one reason for that increase. But they say they are trying to keep rates as low as they can.

"As a utility, there are two ways to keep the rates down and that's to grow, grow your customer base and control your costs. And that's certainly things that are within our power that we look at everyday."

The new rates will go into effect in April of next year.