Gadsden County AP Program

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Gadsden County school officials have added Advanced Placement courses to their curriculum at East Gadsden High School. School administrators are trying to entice more students to take advantage of these courses.

Brandon Allen is one of approximately 50 students who are currently enrolled in Advanced Placement classes at East Gadsden High School.

Brandon says, "I'm taking three now and I plan on taking more in my 12th grade year. They are more challenging. Regular classes, like, they bore you; AP classes are more challenging."

Yasmeen Leon teaches AP biology. She says there are quite a few students who should step up to the challenge and enroll in AP courses.

Yasmeen says, "We have brilliant students here in Gadsden County and that can perform on an AP level, it's just a matter of getting our students in the classrooms from the middle school, into our classrooms from early 9th and 10th grade so they can know this vehicle is here for them."

East Gadsden High School offers four AP courses and they're encouraging students to take full advantage of the classes.

Miranda Lewis, an AP student, says, "For the most part some students see regular classes as being hard and they don't really want the challenge, so I don't think they want to take it because they're scared of the challenge."

School officials say students can overcome the challenges of taking these rigorous courses because they're taught in an intimate setting with one-to-one attention.

East Gadsden administrators are hoping to expand the AP program. Students who are interested in taking these classes should consult a guidance counselor.