Not Charging It

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Sophomore Stephen Welch doesn't set foot on campus without his Visa card.

Stephen Welch, a VSU sophomore, says, "I think it's great that you can use credit cards because first of all, you're already in debt. You come to school and you've got so many expenses and I just feel it’s a convenience."

When word of Georgia Tech's new cash and check-only policy spread to south Georgia, many students were worried Valdosta State would do the same.

Laura Williamson, a VSU student, says, "Personally I don't have enough money just laying around in my checkbook or in savings to just pay my whole tuition with a check. I need a credit card so I can pay continuously on it and not just out of my pocket."

So is VSU planning on axing plastic payments?

Traycee Martin, the director of Financial Services, says, "We're not considering it at this time. Our fees are not high enough to warrant a reduction of services."

And while students who are on campus say these little plastic cards are a big convenience for them, Financial Service officials point out there's also another group of folks out there who like these even more.

Martin adds, "Of the people who chose to pay by credit card, we have about 20 percent pay online."

In fact, just this fall VSU began accepting Discover cards as payment from students.