Positions Available for the City of Tallahassee

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The City of Tallahassee has vacancies at the top of two high profile departments and it could soon have another.

Tallahassee Fire Chief Tom Quillin is counting the days until he can officially say, "I'm retired.”

Chief Quillin says, "Don't know what I plan on doing really except visiting with some family and really spending some time with them, which I haven't been able to do. "

The chief can't officially call it quits because after making his announcement to retire last summer he told the city he would stay on until a replacement was found.

Chief Quillin adds, "It's a very important job and the city needs to and is taking the process very seriously."

But the fire chief isn't the only high level job the city is looking to fill.

Gloria Hall-McNeil says, "The fire chief, the director of TalTran and the Animal Shelter manager positions are all vacant. Of course we are very actively recruiting for all those positions."

The city's Human Resources Department says the process to fill these jobs normally takes about six months. So why is the TalTran director's position still vacant a year later?

Gloria says, "We went through the process and came up with some good candidates, interviewed them and during that process realized they weren't the best fit, so we've had to start all over."

However, Hall-McNeil says the positions of fire chief and TalTran director should be filled by very early next year. The Animal Shelter director's position has only been open since October and the search for a fire chief has been underway since August.