Getting Testy

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Middle and high school students around Lowndes County and the state of Georgia will be taking the first of their end-of-term tests over the next couple of weeks.

It's the first year of the testing program, and locally the reviews are good.

Steve Smith, Ph.D., Lowndes County Superintendent, says, "It's been received very well. We were forewarned it was coming and I think teachers had adequate time to prepare for it. I'm a firm believer in accountability. I think accountability brings out the best in us and I think our staff and our students are very well prepared."

Educators say even though students at schools around the state are burdened with many tests already, they don't think these added end-of-term tests will be a real problem for the students.

Smith adds, "I think we need to get a very accurate test to measure what the students have learned and administer those tests at the end of the course."

Officials say the best part about Georgia's end-of-term testing is that it's only averaged into the student's final grade for the course, meaning one bad test performance will not sink a student's future.