Big Bend Crime Stoppers Conference

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Seven years ago, Joice Ventry came face to face with a killer.

Joice says, "By myself, me and my dog, he knocked on my door at two in the morning and asked to use my phone. I said no."

Just saying "no" saved Joice's life. That man and two others are now behind bars for shooting a Wakulla County couple and then setting their house on fire.

Joice's tip to authorities helped put them there.

Chief Walt McNeil of the Tallahassee Police Department says, "Ninety percent of the time when we start talking about solving crime it is people in the community that solve the crime. Witnesses who saw something, that's how we solve crime."

Yet many people are reluctant to call the police, which makes organizations like Crime Stoppers a vital link to safety.

Allan Stucks, the president of Big Bend Crime Stoppers, says, "Crime Stoppers acts like a bridge for citizens to use to get the message out [that] we aren't going to tolerate crime."

It’s making the struggle to stop crime less of an uphill battle.