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In addition to the many hotly contested races on the ballot will be eight constitutional amendments to consider. Amendment One requires parents to be notified if their daughter wants an abortion, and it has teenagers' attention.

Brittany Porter is not old enough to cast a ballot in the upcoming election, but Porter has strong opinions about the amendment requiring parents to be notified if a minor is considering terminating a pregnancy.

Brittany Porter says, "It's not really their business to tell you if you should have this child or not have this child. It's your life and your child if you decide to have it or if you don't decide to have it."

But others like Margaret Landrito have mixed feelings about the amendment.

Margaret says, "They are taking away your privacy but at the same time they're your parents, they should know everything."

Some students say the amendment is a violation of their privacy and no law should be able to dictate what they do with their bodies. In fact, the American Civil Liberties Union and two planned parenthood chapters filed suit to have it struck from the November ballot.

Brittany Porter adds, "I don't think they should make it a law no matter how much we want to think we have these loving and kind parents, they are going to react differently to different situations and I think forcing a kid to tell their parents they're pregnant is going a little overboard."

But come November that amendment will be decided by parents and those of legal voting age.

Supporters say they have a right to know when their teenage daughter is planning to have an abortion, but opponents worry a pregnant teen may harm herself is she's forced to tell her parents.