Poll Watching

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Leon County’s elections supervisor is irate that a law dating from the Jim Crow days of keeping down the black vote might suddenly become popular again on Tuesday. The law allows registered poll watchers to challenge a voter’s eligibility.

Ion Sancho says, "It’s outrageous that the state has not made any statements on this matter, that this may not be used to disenfranchise voters."

The old law came into the spotlight this week when Republicans said they might challenge voters using a database they created of people who might not be eligible.

Florida’s secretary of state says she is concerned Election Day challenges could cause problems and she’s telling county supervisors to follow specific rules. Republican appointee Glenda Hood says she won’t get into the political debate, but says challenges shouldn’t affect other people.

Glenda Hood says, "Off to the side, any of those challenges need to be dealt with not to impede or prohibit or slow down the other process of voters being able to cast their ballots."

Poll watchers would have to have personal knowledge that the voter isn’t eligible and evidence to support the challenge. Steve Inger will be a poll watcher for the Democrats on Election Day.