Shelter Adoption Test

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The Tallahassee Leon Community Animal Shelter takes in an estimated 10,000 animals a year. More than half leave the shelter either as adoptions or reclaimed animals, but it's a different and less happy story for the rest.

Pat Simmons, the Animal Shelter assistant manager, says, "About 40 percent end up being euthanized on average. That's a lot of animals."

Even before an animal can be adopted, a behavioral test is given to the animal about 48 hours after it arrives at the shelter.

"It allows us to define what is an adoptable dog and puppy and what isn't so we have a clear criteria," says Pat.

But some different local rescue groups have some questions about the effectiveness of the test. They say some dogs have been wrongly killed.

Barbara Law of Extended Circle Animal Haven says, "I think the test was designed with the right idea, but the implementation matters too. It can be used to disguise euthanasia numbers. That's not euthanized, that's killed."

The shelter says the test is effective and the real concentration should not be on animals, but people.

Pat adds, "The community needs to get a grip on the animal situation. They need to fix their animals and care for them."