Tallahassee Unit Called to Active Duty

The troops of the 351st Adjutant General Postal Company will try to boost morale among troops always hungry for letters and packages from home. The 351st Adjutant General Company will be the lifeline for thousands of American troops fighting in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

SSGT Andrus Wilson of the 351st Adjutant General Postal Company says, "We'll be doing a postal mission. We'll go over and open a post office and handle all the postal services."

LT David Rogers adds, "Our mission is very important to the soldiers because without the mail it's very low moral. Having that lifeline back to home is very important to soldiers."

For some of these troops this mission will be their first, for others it's their fifth. No matter how many times they've been called up, it can be difficult to adjust.

"Some do, some don't. Each soldier has a different reaction," says Rogers.

Wilson adds, "Each time it's an adjustment, you get through it."

For the mayor of Tallahassee, this farewell ceremony reminds him of his own time in the military.

Mayor John Marks says, "I can feel for these solders who will be gone for some time. The City of Tallahassee does support what they are doing on behalf of us."

David Rogers says, "We support what we're doing, we're ready to go."

The 351st will leave from Fort Benning, Georgia and is scheduled to be in Iraq for about one year.