Bank Fraud Uncovered in the Peach State

Investigators say Antonio Juan Green is the ringleader in a bank fraud case, stealing from multiple banks in southwest Georgia.

Tim Watkins of the Thomas County Sheriff's Office says, "He would find someone that was down and out of their luck and money and he would tell them, 'hey, I know this place where we can deposit money. You're going to be able to get a little bit out, but we're going to hide some money in case we get in trouble later.’"

Then they say he would make deposits at the ATM with empty envelopes or stolen checks. Before the checks were verified, he'd withdrawal money from the various accounts his recruits gave him access to.

The total amount stolen was a quarter of a million dollars.

"There's approximately seven individuals that we have not arrested yet," adds Watkins.

Thomas County investigators thank the Mitchell County Sheriff's Office for helping them locate many of those they've arrested in the past month. Investigators say the Secret Service is making arrests in Albany, and there may also be some arrests made in Tallahassee.