Special Operations Commander Makes Visit to Moody Air Force Base

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LT GEN Michael Wooley works hard at better understanding the needs of the men and women he commands, and his visit to Moody Air Force Base is no exception.

"Any time that a commander can get out into the field and see his or her troops in action is great. It's just part of the military way of life," he says.

But meeting the needs of his troops isn't the commander's only piece of business during his stay at the base. Having flown C-130s, the commander says he feels like he can really relate to the airmen at Moody, and because of that relationship, he understands the type of community involvement that's necessary to make a base like Moody successful.

Wooley says, "Anything that we have asked for or needed in terms of capabilities or support from the civilian community, Valdosta and local surrounding communities have been right there."

The commander and airmen say that support will be a huge plus for Moody in the Base Realignment And Closure formulation.

CAPT Erin Dick of the 347th Rescue Wing says, "It's legendary the support we get from south Georgia. What we tell people is to just keep looking forward, keep doing what they're doing, keep supporting us and keep your fingers crossed."

Airmen say the commander's visit to Moody is a true honor.