Injured Soldier Returns From Iraq

Their first born son has returned from Iraq, but the holiday reunion is bittersweet.

Holding back tears when a soldier returns is nearly impossible, just ask the Pulido family. Their son, MAJ Eddie Pulido, has returned from Iraq safe, but not sound. For Eddie, a roadside bomb sealed his fate in August, cutting his mission short.

“I was lucky because they saved part of my leg, but with bacterial infections, they couldn't save it,” he says.

Eddie's injury isn't the first tragedy to strike the Pulido family. In fact, their battle scars date back some 15 years.

Manuel Pulido, the father, says, “I was wounded in Panama during Just Cause.”

A mortar round blew up his truck leaving him battered and full of shrapnel. Two years later there was another blow to the family, this time it was Manuel, Jr. That was during the Gulf War. Junior suffered a broken back and ribs, but the worst was yet to come.

Manuel adds, “Thirteen years later I got news that [our] oldest son Eddie was wounded in Iraq.”

The news was devastating, especially for the lady of the house.

Words can't describe what this family's endured, but in the end it's an abundance of love which keep the Pulido's standing strong.

MAJ Eddie Pulido will be staying at his parents’ house this week in Crawfordville. After that he's heading home to Oklahoma to reunite with his wife and three-year-old daughter.