City of Hahira Getting Out of Hot Water

The city of Hahira has recently paid a $6,000 fine for inaccurate reports on its water system. City leaders are working to prevent the problem from happening again.

For nearly 20 years, the Hahira city government has relied on one company to write up accurate reports on drinking water and wastewater. The reports were approved each time by Georgia's Environmental Protection Division, until this year when EPD received reports which were late and inaccurate, problems which cost the city more than $6,000.

Myron Crowe, Hahira Mayor, says, "It's frustrating because we don't like to have to pay fines, but it's not like it's going to break the city or anything, but I feel like we have a handle on it now."

Members of the Hahira community agree.

Janet Newton says, "As far as the people we have in office, they're capable of getting the job done and I'm sure they'll take care of it and it won't take very long, and the citizens are not concerned, I don't think."

Hahira city officials say one of the best moves they have done is to sever ties with the company that got them in hot water. Officials say they should be able to move forward now with a clean slate.

Mayor Crowe adds, "From our perspective and relationship with EPD it was a good thing to do that too because they see we've got it corrected."

That means Hahira should avoid a repeat of this $6,000 mistake. Hahira is also trying to recoup the fine money from the company that wrote the faulty reports.