FAMU's Interim President

Despite the cold, things are heating up at Florida A&M University, but in a good way. Tuesday the selection of an interim president led to something the divided institution hasn't seen in quite some time; unity.

Before the FAMU Board of Trustees made their final vote, interim president candidate Dr. Castell Bryant made her mission clear.

“We are here for the students, they are not here for us.”

Shortly after, a unanimous vote named Dr. Bryant as the temporary head Rattler and a sense of relief and optimism was felt across the board.

Barbara Thompson, a FAMU professor, says, “We're sort of coming back to where we need to be.”

Edward Tolliver, a FAMU alumnus, says, “I think Castell Bryant is a sea of calm in a turbulent weather.”

With tough decisions ahead, the first woman to ever lead the 117-year-old university says it's great to see a unified FAMU.

Dr. Castell Bryant adds, “It means they have faith in my abilities. They have yet to be proven, but they believe I can transfer what I've learned to this sight.”

FAMU officials say the transition process will begin immediately. However, Dr. Bryant will not officially replace Dr. Fred Gainous until the first of the year.