The Name Game

With a brand new terminal due next year, Thomasville's airport is taking on new heights, but the stigma attached to the name "municipal" may have kept business grounded.

Pilot Mark Shiver says, "In general, municipal airports are usually small, mom and pop operations that may not be able to have facility or equipment to handle jet traffic or larger passenger aircraft."

It’s discouraging some pilots from stopping in, so the airport advisory board recommended the city change the name from municipal to regional, a change that is well justified.

John Wood, Thomasville city engineer, says, "The state of Georgia classifies us a regional airport. We serve multi-counties around us. We just felt that being a Thomasville regional airport listed in all the publications and everything else, pilots use would give us an opportunity to perhaps attract additional customers."

The airport is what's called an "enterprise financed activity."

John says, "Which means the airport must solely support itself with its income. We sell fuel, we rent hangers, and that's the money we have to operate."

Wood says the name change is not just a marketing ploy, it's a rite of passage.

Shiver adds, "It'll give people a reason to stop here that may not have before."

First class service is what they can expect.