Zoning Changes in Thomasville

The main goal of the planning and zoning ordinance is to give Thomasville a unified appearance, but confusion seems to be the result.

Councilman Roy Campbell says, "People were interpreting the ordinances literally," and the ordinance itself was a "lengthy document with lots of flaws."

The ordinance mandates the facade of a commercial building be 20 percent glass, meaning windows. The problem was people didn't know what a facade was.

Council members define the facade as the side of a commercial building facing the street. Corner buildings have two facades.

Sharlene Celeya, Main Street director, says, "The facade of the building represents the era in which it was designed and built, as in downtown most of our architecture is of the Victorian nature."

But many Victorian facades were covered during the 50s and 60s. One facade uses split base rock, which can be used on building facades, but it was left off the narrow list of building materials, another error in the ordinance city council members say they had to fix.

The planning and zoning ordinance also discussed landscaping in commercial parking lots. The issue requiring fencing around warehouses was tabled.