Using Cell Phones on Commercial Flights

Wednesday the Federal Communications Commission is going to take up the matter; the Federal Communications Commission will soon contemplate revising the rules that prohibit cell phone usage on commercial flights.

Richard Newton, who supports in-flight cell phone usage, says, "I think it's an excellent idea. It will allow us to communicate with the business community while we're traveling."

Lee Palmer adds, "I like that very much. Flying is a lot of dead time for me. Being able to stay in touch with customers would be time saving for me and relieve a lot stress in my life."

Up to now, cell phones have been banned because of concerns for interference with a plane's navigation system, but research is being done to see how much of a problem it really is.

While some frequent flyers like the idea, others think cell phones would be invasive and annoying.

Gene Stillman, who is against in-flight cell phone usage, says, "I'm not a big fan of cell phones anyway. I don't really like listening to other people's business."

The push for cell phone use is coming from some airlines and cell phone companies, but don't expect a decision anytime soon. Federal agencies say lots of research still needs to be done.

Ultimately, the Federal Aviation Administration will have to weigh in on the decision, too. The FAA is currently doing research on the safety of signals put out by cell phones.