Tallahassee Police Officer Suspended for Prank

A tear gas canister detonated as a prank affected an entire neighborhood and now an officer is paying for it.

Tallahassee Police OFC David McCranie has been suspended three weeks without pay and temporarily removed from the unit's TAC Team.

CAPT Kelly Burke of the Tallahassee Police Department says, "Our investigation has revealed that the tear gas canister was thrown as a practical joke among team members on the team, which is unacceptable practice."

TPD Chief Walt McNeil hand delivered a copy of the report to Lynette Davis, who back in September says her son started vomiting when exposed to the fumes.

Lynette says, "When you have a job as serious as that that's something you shouldn't play around with. If you want to play, go play with your kids. He could have hurt his fellow officers.”

Davis, along with other neighbors living near Blountstown Highway, feels the punishment is okay. They just hope the officer leaned his lesson.

Shirley Haveard, a resident, adds, "In fact, I feel sorry for him. He was just playing a prank and see how it's just gotten out of hand, you know?"

As a result of the incident TPD has halted all training exercises within city limits. In his interview with internal affairs, McCranie apologized for the incident and called this the "low point" of his career.