Polish the Pavement

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It's a popular road for many Lowndes County locals traveling back and forth from Hahira to Valdosta.

Dale Crane says, "I travel this road everyday. I come up old Highway 41 every morning around 7:30."

And old is just the word to describe this seven and a half mile stretch of highway.

Bob Gardner, Director of Construction Operations, says, "It's an old road, old design, inadequate right of way. It's a two-lane highway that was built decades ago."

But thanks to a little bit of persistence, one private school and many growing neighborhoods, U.S. 41 will sport the latest techniques and standards in highway design.

Crane says, "I think it will be a great asset to the county and the flow of traffic, and once all the construction is finished I think we'll all benefit from it greatly."

While folks say they're glad to see the ball finally rolling on this road expansion project for U.S. 41, officials say it could be some time before people see any kind of construction.

Gardner says, "Several years, at least three to four years would be my guess."

County leaders say the expansion is long overdue.

Richard Lee, Lowndes County Commissioner, District 2, says, "If anybody goes from north Valdosta road to Hahira at just about any time of the day, you're going to be backed up."

Hopefully they won’t be backed up for too much longer.