Prison Guard Has the Tables Turned on Him

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This week 31-year-old Sampson Martin was sentenced to five years in prison and 10 years of probation on two second-degree felonies.

Sterling Ivey with the Florida Department of Corrections says, "We received information at the Jefferson Correctional Institution that there might be an officer involved in bringing and smuggling narcotics to the prison."

In October of last year, the Florida Department of Corrections charged Martin for his role in bringing cocaine and marijuana to the inmates.

Sterling adds, "Our inspector general's office conducted an exhaustive investigation which led the subsequent charges and sentencing of Mr. Sampson."

Evidence showed that Martin instructed inmates to have friends and family members on the outside provide him with money orders, wire transfers and cash on their behalf.

The state attorney's office says once Martin obtained the money he would secretly bring the narcotics into the prison, in some cases charging inmates triple the street value.

Sterling says, "This is one officer out of an employee base of 26,000. I hope this doesn't represent the entire workforce of the Department of Corrections. It's unfortunate any time an officer feels like they're above the law, but to that end we aggressively prosecute and seek the prosecution of our employees who break the law."

Over the span of a year and a half, Martin was estimated to have made thousands of dollars operating this prison narcotics ring.