FAMU Southside Schools Supply Drive

It's all thanks to a drive to get supplies into the classrooms of southside Tallahassee schools.

School supplies sit scattered across the president's house, packages of paper, pencils and pens ready for pickup by southside schools.

Michelle Gayle, Principal of Griffin Middle School, says, "Teachers go into their pocket every day for classroom supplies to make sure students have everything they need."

That's the reason behind the first FAMU Southside Teachers' Classroom Supply Drive. Seventeen southside schools will benefit from the initiative, the brainchild of Dr. Madie Gainous.

"I see what teachers go through and parents with more than one child. [It’s a] way for us to help teachers because at the heart of every teacher is to help the child," she says.

So instead of digging deep in their own pockets to outfit their rooms, teachers just filled out a wish list.

Pam Hightower, Principal of Wesson Elementary, says, "Teachers gave me the list of the things they needed and wanted."

Principals say teachers as well as students will benefit from the outpouring of support.

Michelle Gayle says, "When teachers feel good about it that goes to students, so this community effort goes to the entire school, it means a lot."

Organizers hope this isn't the end of the line when it comes to helping southside teachers stock their classrooms. The 17 schools that received the donations Wednesday went from elementary all the way to high school.

This is the first supply drive of its kind and could well become an annual event.